Herbal Remedy for Prostatitis

Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule can quickly clear heat, resolve toxin, eliminate inflammation, eliminate stasis, disperse swelling, disinhibit urine, free strangury. With these function in combination, such medicine can surpass many popular medicine for treating prostatitis.

Herbal Remedy for Enlarged Prostate Gland

  • Hardness-Dissipation Powder

    Used together with Prostatitis Rehabilitation Capsule to treat patients with severe urinary frequency, very difficulty urinating,

  • Hyperplasia of prostate gland

    An enlarged prostate means the prostate gland has grown bigger. Prostate enlargement happens to almost all men as they get older. As the gland grows...

  • Living with prostatitis

    Men with prostatitis have a diminished quality of life that is on par with those who have suffered a heart attack.

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Diet & Exercise

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